Social Stories & In-stream Testing Release Update

Mobile display and video continues its advance, sweeping up more and more of ad market share. Especially so in the form of social media through in-stream and stories ad formats. But with this advance comes unique challenges. Is your message really breaking through as your target audience scroll through their highly personalised feeds?

Our new releases, compatible with Facebook and Instagram placements, allow you to test ad effectiveness in environments tailored to each respondents interests and understand how to work with and maximise ad effectiveness in these unique ad environments.

How it works

  • Respondents are asked a profiling question to determine their interests based on a wide range of topics such as food, gaming, sports, nature, beauty, technology, celebrities, etc.
  • From their stated interests a curated feed of high quality content populates our social environment where one of the test ads are shown, in-stream or in a stories environment. In this environment we capture user interactions such a viewability, shares, audio and more.
  • The respondents are then surveyed on your core communication goals, for their opinion on the ad which is benchmarked against our data repository and finally asked open ended questions to understand the potential qualitative drivers of performance.

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