Creative Testing For The Digital Age

Advertisers want their creative message to land with their target audience first time. The challenge is how to do this without

  1. spending a lot of money on media for testing
  2. diluting the impact of your strategy through multiple in-market creative iterations

Creative testing provides a cost effective mechanism to test your creative upfront with a discrete, targeted audience before you go to market.

And yet traditional research companies have failed to modernise their testing platforms for the digital age, ignoring how online user experiences have evolved across screens and unable to support complex ad technologies. AdExperiments was founded in 2014 to support creative testing for the digital age. Our solutions are built by digital experts, for digital advertisers. We combine scientific rigour, strategy and technology to bring you a cutting edge creative testing platform that delivers meaningful, actionable insights.

In this blog, we will be detailing our continued efforts to provide robust creative measurement, tips on analysis techniques and creative best practice.

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